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Thank you to the wonderful people I have had the pleasure of working with.

Over the course of a few sessions with Jackie I have found myself re-motivated to de-clutter and generally become more organized at home. Although still a work in progress, Jackie helped me to recognise and engage with my transferable skills (from my work to my retirement). Jackie’s ability to actively listen to what I was saying and usefully reflect back some useful gems from the general chatter, was very helpful in sorting myself out and seeing things in a much clearer light. I did not feel judged or led by the nose, just gently encouraged and effectively supported.

Marian - Bournemouth

I had given up on dieting and exercise as I always felt miserable and restricted trying to loose some weight.  When I saw Jackie’s advert for her Nourish to Flourish Sessions I thought I would give it a try. Well thank goodness I did, what a transformation in my life. With Jackie’s expert coaching I found the blocks that kept stopping me live my healthier and active life.  I now have a positive attitude to food and exercise. I make healthy choices naturally, I enjoy my active lifestyle and the weight and inches are slowly coming off. This is my normal happy life.  I’m more confident, positive and my life just keeps getting better and happier.
Thank you Jackie I’ve loved my sessions with you.

Claire - Poundbury

I put on some weight during my pregnancy and found it really difficult to find the time and motivation to get back in shape. I had 6 sessions with Jackie and during this time I have got back on track.  I've still got some way to go but now I have a clear plan and can see how making small changes makes a big difference. I loved the tools Jackie uses to help me sort out the clutter in my mind and understand what is really important to me.  This has been so much more than just losing a few pounds and getting back into shape; my confidence has improved and I feel better about myself.

Jayne - Lymington

What a glorious morning spent with Jackie at her Self Care Workshop in the beautiful grounds of Sculptures by the Lakes. I have come away feeling inspired to make sure my life is happy and fulfilled. I am feeling very mindful and have gratitude for all the wonderful people and things in my life. Would definitely do another workshop and would highly recommend.

Claire - Poundbury

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